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New state regs let craft breweries tap into dry N.J. towns like Pitman
May 5, 2016
Breaking Down Barriers – Kelly Green Brewing of Pitman, NJ
May 10, 2016
Kelly Green Brewing Co.

Beginning at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, the future of Pitman will change for the better. Kelly Green Brewing Company announced a grand opening ceremony outside the brewery on South Broadway.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, led by owner Justin Flemming and Pitman Mayor Russell Johnson, will signal the beginning of improved economic developments within the township. Anticipating a heavy media presence and expecting crowds in the hundreds, the brewery and township announced a plan to prevent chaos.

Limited to subscribers of Kelly Green’s mailing list, hour-long blocks are scheduled for up to 25 patrons throughout the noon to 10 p.m. close. Initial patrons will receive one-time only, limited edition opening t-shirts made by the guys at Press Ten shirts.

“We wanted to cater to our local, die-hard supporters and give them the first opportunity,” said owner and life-long Pitman resident Justin Flemming. “One day I dreamt this up and now its like… wow. We made it. I’m excited.”

While subscribers have scheduled times at Kelly Green, throughout the day the brewery will accept public patrons as space becomes available. Throughout the day there will be a series of raffles, giveaways and opportunities to win and buy merchandise from the brewery.

“We wanted to prevent bedlam down here. There is so much excitement and hype for us to open,” Flemming added.

Kelly Green will soon be honoring NJCB members by offering a $2 discount on 64 oz growlers, $1 off 32 oz growlers and 10% off all merchandise.


The currently available beers on tap in the Kelly Green tasting room for the May 7 opening.

Offering an extensive variety of beers on tap, we had the opportunity to sample two of Kelly Green’s flagship beers, a coffee porter and IPA respectively dubbed Endgrain and Head Movies.

Endgrain proved that Flemming and his partner stayed true to their mission of incorporating local businesses into their crafts. The porter boasts a unique, rich and flavorful coffee porter using ingredients from Pitman’s own Endgrain Coffee Bar in the brewing process. With a light mouthfeel, rich chocolate and coffee-based flavors and aroma this beer will convert any non-porter consumer.

While previously unavailable, Head Movies was worth the extra effort to perfect the craft. Flemming plans to incorporate the citrus-infused, ultra-dry hopped and easy-to-drink IPA into the opening day lineup. For all of those on board the ‘haze craze’ this is the beer for you.

The remainder of the opening day tap list consists of a brown ale, aptly named after Philadelphia Eagles legend #99 Jerome Brown, in addition to a double IPA, Belgian witbier, Belgian quad, and pale ale. Cooder’s, a rye-based beer is also in the mix and will be available come opening day. For a full rundown of the ABV’s and serving size see our image above.

“We will have flights available, for sure,” said Flemming as he poured us samples. “Every consumer may not be able to handle how bold and rich the flavors are for a full 16 oz. We want people to try all of them in a flight and get a full experience.”


Endgrain and Head Movies side-by-side on the bar top of KG.

The 7-year home brewer lamented the difficulty in going from home brewing to operating on a larger, industrial scale. For Flemming, it has and always will be about quality.

“It was never easy,” said Flemming. “There was never a time when I woke up and said ‘oh man I can’t wait for an easy day at the brewery today’.”

Rowan University, which drives a large portion of the Gloucester County economy, continues to grow along with the rest of the nearby region. Rowan students and alumni remain primarily untapped, (pun intended) Flemming believes expansion is likely despite just recently opening.


A quick glance at the newly refurbished and earthy tasting room inside Kelly Green Brewing.

“We are already looking into expansion options. Whatever fits best for us. We will always remain in Pitman and our roots are to the location on Broadway.”

For more information about hosting a private party or event at Kelly Green visit our landing page to contact the brewery. Kelly Green Brewing will be open Thursdays 3-10, Fridays and Saturdays Noon – 10. See the YGS listing page for more information. 

*Edits and contributions to this story were made by Josh Adlerman.

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  1. John Marshall says:

    I have been to the Tap Room twice. It has a great atmosphere and the staff is great and helpful to. This has the makings of a great bar. Pitman needs to get out of the 50s and embrass the now. This will bring more revenue to the town and a larger verity of shoppers with it. Hope it’s here to stay

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