What's on Tap

These brews are currently on tap. Our menu is always changing, so check in often for something new!

Pimpin’ is the first in our line of Kurt Vile themed sours. It’s crisp. It’s refreshing. It’s damn near quenching! Starts off with a good citrus tartness and ends with a mouth-watering (literally) smoothness.

ABV: 5%

Serving: 13oz


Our latest batch of porter came out a little too imperial-y, but we just rolled with it! This thick bodied porter is blended with a special batch of Endgrain dark roast coffee. Cheers to happy accidents!

ABV: 8%

Serving: 13oz


Another happy accident of ours! Our classic porter was brewed extra strength, but it was too tasty to ignore. This version is denser, maltier, creamier, and boozier than its little brother. And it might just be our favorite (but don’t tell Joe’s Vacation that).

ABV: 8%

Serving: 10oz


Our first triple IPA and we gotta say it might be our favorite. This brew has a dark amber color, heavy malt body, deceptively smooth mouthfeel, and a bafflingly floral and fruity taste. Bitterness and booziness are nigh unperceivable here, so sip with caution!

ABV: 10.1%

Serving: 10oz Untapped


Our latest IPA ala the NEIPA style. This all-citra beer packs a smooth and sweet citrus smack on top of a creamy and juicy body. It’s all juice and no bite, and favorite among the IPA-skeptics that deign to taste.

ABV: 6%

Serving: 13oz


Coming Soon

  • The Teets
  • Reggie Wheat
  • Jean Quad Van Damn!

Firkin Fridays

Feb 9

Standing On The Shoulders Of Passion Fruit with one lil vanilla bean

Feb 16

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout

Bottled Saisons

  • Glass Eyes
  • Glass Eyes is the latest from our Funky Batch Series. It’s a pink hued Saison brewed with wheat, aged hops, fermented and aged in wine barrels with our house yeast culture, then conditioned on gobs of decadent cherry and plum puree. The finished product is effervescent, stunningly pink in color, fruity, spicy, and acidic with a Jekyll and Hyde finish that can’t decide if it’s fruity sweet or bone dry, but it is endlessly refreshing. $20/bottle
  • Twelve Avenues
  • This Bière de Coupage is comprised predominantly of fresh, hoppy Saison with a small portion of barrel aged Adit blended in at bottling, when young this beer drinks as an clean, earthy, floral, zippy little saison with a firm bitterness. But over time our house culture of wild yeast and bacteria will take over and the beer will change and evolve month to month. Brewed with rye, wheat, and hay then dry-hopped with Celeia and Halltertau Blanc. This is the first bottling but you can expect each batch of Twelve Avenues to be wildly different than the last but always feature a strong hop profile. $15/bottle

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